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Poker Film Rounders celebrate its Anniversary This week, September 11 to be exact, the famous poker movie Rounders hit theaters in America 20 years ago. If you are a poker player or a fan of the. Rounders Movie Poster Wall Art from Great BIG Canvas. The photo "Rounders" has been viewed 12 times. Rounders See more

Jan 12, 2005 ... When Rounders came out in 1998, professional poker players loved it. For one thing, it stirred up new interest in the game … which meant a fresh. ... The poker hands in Tilt are like the songs in a Broadway musical: All else comes ... That they wear satin jackets with casino logos and chew on unlit cigarettes ... Top 10 gambling movies of all time | Westword Jun 1, 2011 ... But what movies about casinos and gambling really get it right? ... testicular torture of his own once the game moves outside the casino. ... of elaborate race- track and stock-market swindles in their heyday. ... One of the lesser-known Robert Altman films, this tour of poker rooms, casinos, ... Rounders (1998) ... Mathematics of Poker - Numericana

Feb 20, 2019 · Rounders Co-Writer Brian Koppelman Posts Original Screenplay For Poker Movie Online Original Rounders Script: "Sorry Phil, I Don't Remember" Poker-Themed Music …

“The Sting” is one big rip-off triggered by one hot game of poker… Casino . One of the most exciting sequences in a gambling film is the “Eye in the Sky” scene in “Casino.” Explaining the chain of command at a Vegas Casino, Robert DeNiro’s narration showcases the scrupulous vigilance of the gambling industry. Casino Royale Matt Damon wants to make a new Rounders movie : poker - reddit They get mixed up in an online poker scam in the mid 2000s. Mike's the face of the site and wants to do well, worm gets out of control an is skimming from the player funds. Eventually it all comes crashing down. Like the last scene in Goodfellas in the end we see Mike in 2015. He's grinding 2/5 anonymously in some mid-western Indian casino.

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It was a good poker movie. There were, however, a couple of weak scenes. For example, Mike McDermott, played by Matt Damon, is supposed to be this brilliant poker player. But he looks pretty amatuerish in the opening scene, when he loses all his money in one hand to this guy called the KGB guy, played by John Malkovich. Overanalyzing the final scene in Rounders | Septicor Overanalyzing the final scene in Rounders. Published October 9, 2011. People who follow my Twitter Feed knows that I am a poker nut. I love the game. I have always ...

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