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White-tailed jackrabbit - Wikipedia The white-tailed jackrabbit (Lepus townsendii), also known as the prairie hare and the white jack, is a species of hare found in western North America. Like all hares and rabbits, it is a member of the family Leporidae of order Lagomorpha. It is a solitary individual except where several males court a female in the breeding season. Blue Planet Biomes - Black-Tailed Jackrabbit Black-Tailed Jackrabbit. Genus: Lepus Species: californicus. Although it is called a rabbit, the black-tailed jackrabbit is really a hare. Hares are different from rabbits because their babies, called leverets, are born with all their fur, and their eyes open. Black-tailed Jack Rabbit - University of Kansas Description: The black-tailed jack rabbit, although referred to as a rabbit, is actually classed as a hare because of its long ears and feet, and precocial young.This hare can be distinguished from other Kansas rabbits and hares by: 1) greyish brown upper parts and sides, heavily lined with black (especially in winter pelage), 2) underparts whitish buff to pure white, 3) very long hind legs ... Jack Rabbit Images & Stock Pictures. Royalty Free Jack Rabbit ...

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Black-Tailed Jackrabbit - National Geographic Kids Black-tailed jackrabbits are not actually rabbits, but are hares. Hares are born with fur and are larger than rabbits. They usually have taller hind legs and longer ears. These speedy animals are capable of reaching 40 miles (64 kilometers) an hour .

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